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Printing of photos for personal use

If you want a copy of one of my pictures to stick on your fridge or use in a school project or cover a crack in your wall, then please feel free to print anything you like from my site. If you would like a print from the original negative or file, then let me know by sending e-mail.

Non-commercial Web use of photos

If you have a personal or non-commercial Web service, please feel free to use my photographs with hyperlinked credit. Acceptable HTML is

Photograph courtesy of <a href="">David Sampson</a>.

That way people know who took the picture and also can find my online copyright statement. You do not need to pay for usage.

Commercial Web use of photos

If you would like to use my pictures on a commercial Web service, then let me know by sending e-mail.


Please do not ever copy any of my textual content to a public Web server. Link to my pages instead.