About David Sampson

Riding a billycart, Sydney, ~1988

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Sydney. After a short stint with Andersen Consulting in Sydney, I moved to the University of Cambridge in 1996. I worked under David Cebon the Department of Engineering on using active suspension systems to improve the stability and safety of commercial road vehicles. I graduated with the degree of Ph.D. in 2001.

Rowing, Cambridge, 1996

On completion of my studies, I joined the consulting group at MathWorks, also in Cambridge. I had worked with the company's products, MATLAB and Simulink, throughout my studies, and was keen to apply myself to projects in the automotive and aerospace industries. I am heavily involved in using statistical and optimisation methods to reduce development time, increase efficiency and reduce emissions of engines of all shapes and sizes. I also work on projects involving the modelling and control of mechanical systems, for example, automotive powertrains, aircraft landing gear, and wind turbines.

Reading a map, Switzerland, 2004

I took up rowing at Churchill College and was a regular member of the First VIII in the late 1990s. A highlight was reaching 5th place in the Lent Bumps — a College men's record. After graduation, I continued rowing for Cambridge '99 and later Rob Roy. Now retired from competition, I continue to coach Churchill women's crews.

I enjoy hiking and cycling, and watching many sports including motor racing and biathlon.