Churchill First IV & First VIII – Michaelmas 1998


First IV (Marcia): Alistair Jones (bow), Richard Gregory, David Sampson, Andrew Galbraith (stroke), Olli Martin (cox).

First VIII (Smart Alec): Dave Burton (bow), Fraser Trusty, Ewan Main, Niko Loening, Nick Guillard, Richard Gregory, David Sampson, Alistair Jones (stroke), Olli Martin (cox).


Cambridge Autumn Head – First IV finished 3rd

The first race of term was the Cambridge Autumn Head, held on 31 October over 2800 metres on the Cam. Our training in the weeks before the race was severely disrupted, but we managed to put in a respectable performance. We completed the course in 10'24", third overall and just 6" behind the overall winners, Jesus I.

University IVs – First IV lost to LMBC I

The second race of term was the University IVs, a regatta held on 2-6 October over 2000 metres on the Cam. In a thrilling opening round contest, we beat LMBC I by 0.5 seconds! Unfortunately for us, the regulations require a margin of over 1 second, so a re-row was required. Second time around, LMBC edged us out by 4 seconds in another tight race.

Fours Head of the River – First IV finished 172nd

The term's top event for fours was the Fours Head of the River, conducted on the Tideway in London, from Chiswick to Putney (4.25 miles). The race attracted an excellent entry of 550 crews from around Europe. Starting 431st, we set off rapidly and soon began overtaking crews in front. Unfortunately, as we approached Hammersmith, two boats just ahead crashed and we were forced to stop and wait for them to clear. We restarted and completed the course in 20'00"10 to take 172nd place out of the 550 crews competing. This time was 6th fastest of the 40 crews in the S3+A division, and was just 9.5 seconds slower than the top Cambridge College crew, Caius I.

Fairbairn Cup – First VIII finished 8th

The premier race on the Cam in Michaelmas term was the Fairbairn Cup, from Jesus Boathouse to the Little Bridge (4300 m). All Colleges entered crews. Several members of the First and Second IVs dropped out after the Fours Head, so members of the Second VIII were promoted to the First VIII. Starting 17th, we made a rapid start and began closing down Girton I ahead. We maintained a good rhythm and worked hard throughout to complete the course in 14'57"47, earning 8th place overall and 6th place among Cambridge Colleges. The race was won by Emmanuel I in 13'59"36.

Race results


Michaelmas Term was successful and exciting (and cold) term for the Churchill Men's First IV and First VIII. We made good technical progress, and we even managed to notch up good results in the Fours Head and the Fairbairn Cup. But for me, the highlight will always be that thrilling first race with LMBC in the University IVs! Thanks very much to all our coaches -- Chris Lloyd, Steve Addison, Mike Barham, Mary Young and Martin Hoather.

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