Rowing - 2010


Head of the Cam – Shovellers C 8+ finished 53rd

I raced in a Churchill alumni VIII in the Head of the Cam in Cambridge on 1 May. Three men's crews and one women's crew were entered. We trundled along in the mid-20s, completing the course in 10'41". Disturbingly, that was faster than the previous year. Equally disturbingly, that was 30" faster than the younger Shovellers B, although Shovellers A was 50" faster. The women's crew clocked 11'31", 13" behind W1.

The race was followed by dinner in College, where the naming rights to a new 4+ were auctioned. I participated but (thankfully?) I did not win that either.

Crew: Robert Oeffner (bow), Mike Cotton, Andy McElroy, Wimp, David Sampson, Jonathan Thompson, Jonathan Soar, Ian Scott (stroke), Susie Clements (cox).

Town Bumps – Rob Roy II bumped by City II, finished 9th

  • Day 1: Bumped by City II
  • Day 2: Rowed over
  • Day 3: Rowed over
  • Day 4: Rowed over
  • To be added.

    Crew: Rob Best (bow), Guy Ellis, Stefan Graf, Rich Mott, David Sampson, Oli Campbell, Brett Saunders, Hugh Anderson (stroke), Maryana Vrubel (cox).

    Ely Small Boats Head – Rob Roy IM2 2- finished 13th

    21'14". 13th overall, fastest 2-, 1'20" slower than Simon. Angie 23'09", fastest women's 1x.

    Crew: Simon Goodbrand (bow, steering), David Sampson (stroke).

    Head of the Cam – Shovellers C 8+ finished 53rd

    Foot plate broke. 10'13", 2" faster than Simon's 1x. SpannerSpotter.

    Crew: Chris Wilson (bow), Dominic Reber, Ben Blamey, Matthew Nicholas, Robert Oeffner, Hank Donaghy, David Sampson, Will Brown (stroke), Lizzy Burden (cox).

    (poor)Nottingham City Regatta – Rob Roy IM3 2x finished 4th

    To be added.

    Crew: Rob Best (bow, steering), David Sampson (stroke).

    (pot)Peterborough Regatta – Rob Roy IM3 4x finished 1st

    To be added.

    Crew: Rob Best (bow, steering), Robbie Kiff, David Sampson, Sam Fabian (stroke).

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