Virtual Tour of the Cam

Part 1 – The boathouses

This is the first of four pages that take you on virtual tour of the river Cam in Cambridge, from Jesus Lock to Bait's Bite Lock. This stretch of water is the scene each year of Cambridge's famous bumping races, and of a host of College events such as the Fairbairn Cup. A rowing map of the Cam and various facts and figures are also available.

The photographs were taken by Mat Hubbard on 17 July 1997.

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Jesus Lock.

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The boathouses of LMBC, Queens', Caius and Peterhouse are opposite Jesus Green.

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Further north, opposite Midsummer Common, are the boathouses of Fitzwilliam, 1st & 3rd, St Catharine's and Goldie BC.

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Further on are the boathouses of Trinity Hall and Sidney Sussex/Girton.

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The first major bend is under the Elizabeth Way road bridge.

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Probably the finest boathouse on the river!?
Home to Churchill, Selwyn, King's and the Leys School.

The boathouses | Chesterton »