Cam Facts & Figures

Rowing map of the Cam

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This map was created in 1997, adapted from CUCBC. No Google Maps in those days.

Distances on the Cam

LandmarkInterval [m]Total [m]
Bait's Bite Lock --390
Little Bridge 390 0
Motorway Bridge 180 180
Gunshed 60 240
Entry to First Post Corner 340 580
Exit of First Post Corner, Start of the Gut 90 670
End of the Gut, Entry to Grassy Corner 100 770
Exit of Grassy Corner, Start of Plough Reach 150 920
End of Plough Reach, Entry to Ditton Corner 1601080
Exit of Ditton Corner, Start of the Long Reach 2001280
Long Reach Finishing Post 3001580
Railings 2101790
Railway Bridge 4402230
Sprint Course Start 3202550
Peter's Posts 1502700
Pike and Eel 902790
Bumps Top Finish 2103000
Chesterton Footbridge 603060

This table was created in 1997, using a cycle computer, pen and paper. No wristop GPS in those days.

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